Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The short version

Since I'm protesting the length of "competition" shows, tonight you guys are getting the short recap as I watch the show no-filler style and pack for my vacation at the same time.

Last week, my results recap got scrubbed by the Blogger outage, so here's what I think about James's elimination: it's about damn time! I thought he was going to go home a week or two ago. I don't have anything against him personally, but I just didn't understand who was voting for this guy. His elimination surprised some people, but definitely wasn't a Daughtry-level shock. I think James's problem is that he wasn't picking up new voters and people were tired of him shrieking glory notes every week.

On to the show:

First up: Scotty with more country music. It's a good choice, if a very, very safe. Beyonce is effing hawt. I liked it, even though it wasn't anything we hadn't already seen.

Lauren also sings . . . wait for it . . . country! Like Scotty, I think she's sandbagging. After all, the two of them only have to outlive Haley's inevitable implosion and then this will be "Country Idol"

Next up is Haley, who I think right now will go home tomorrow because I think the country juggernaut is rolling over everyone. Of course, she's hung around this long despite repeated flirtation with the Bottom 3. Has a Zepplin song ever been on this show? So far this is the best of the night, if only because it wasn't a "safe" song selection.

Taking over for Clive Davis is Jimmy as the spinner of the Wheel of Death™.

Jimmy goes easy on Scotty and picks . . . wait for it . . . more country. It's also good, but not great. I wonder if Randy is going to criticise Scotty for poor song choice like he did to K-Mac on this same night.

Lauren gets more country from Jimmy, and it's not great either, but it's still good enough. Don't get me wrong; I like country music, but they have their own show. This show is supposed to pick the next great pop star, but it's done a remarkably poor job of it.

For Haley, Jimmy picks some Fleetwood Mac, which may signal her impending upset of one of the other two TCOs. I think she's made a strong charge towards the end of the series and could sneak into next week's finale.

The third round is the judges's pick and they also go all-country, all-the-time for Scotty. He has been the most consistent performer of the season and people either love him or they despise him. If he's eliminated, it's because all of James's voters went to Haley.

They softball Lauren, too, but I guess that's kind of their job. She's wearing a different prom dress this week. I don't dislike the performance, but I dislike this song. I give it a big aiiiiiiight. Randy, of course, has to name-drop.

The show is running short on time, but they still show Haley getting her AT&T text that she's singing the Dave Coulier song. Did you know that this was my psycho ex-girlfriend's favourite song. I guess that should have been a tip-off. I didn't think this was pimp-spot worthy, but at least it wasn't country.

The Good
Haley, "What Is and What Should Never Be"

The Bad
Haley, "Rhiannon"
Scotty, "Are You Going to Kiss Me Or Not?"
Haley, "You Oughta Know"
Lauren, "I Hope You Dance"
Scotty, "If She Believes In Me"
Scotty, "Amazed"
Lauren, "She's a Wild One"
Lauren, "If I Die Young"

The Ugly

Of the three, I think Haley will probably be going home. However, if she picked up all of James's voters, the person going home will be Lauren. Scotty has simply been handed too many votes to be eliminated.

Who should go home: Lauren
Who will go home: Haley.

Tomorrow, we'll hope that Blogger doesn't crap out on me again.

High Lord. Defender of Bree-land. Out.


Don said...

W.VA man. I will kinda miss you when AI is over for the season. I hardly ever agree with you, but that didn't stop my reading your blog and enjoying it. Enjoy your vacation.


Anonymous said...

Eventhough i can't help but like the judges, this has been the worst season...maybe because i hate country music and maybe i am just too old for this show. This would have been so much better had pia, james or that third place chick had won...i know i won't watch finale. Wasted year....Thanks for blogging dave. I really enjoy your page.