Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Idol must read my blog

Normally, at this point in the season, the show would be an hour long. But instead, they've taken my advice and have them singing duets in addition to their solo performances. Now, we just need them to introduce Screw Your Buddy Night™ . . .


I started the blog last night and then my computer crapped out on me. I definitely need to do a good, old-fashioned format>reinstall.

So I missed live blogging the show, but I will say that I think the person going home tonight (Thursday) will be Jacob. I had a shaky night and hasn't been handed a gazillion votes in the audition rounds (James, Lauren and Scotty) and he didn't get to sing last (Haley).

Anyway, that's the short version of the blog. Hopefully, I'll get around to reinstalling Windows on my laptop and I'll be okay for next week.

High Lord. Little Wonder. Out.

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