Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I hate Fox

Yeah, I said it.


All year, Fox has Idol on Wednesday and Thursday, but for some reason, they moved the singing show to Tuesday for the finale performance show. Do they really want to mess with DWTS that much? What the eff?

Since I'm on vacation, I didn't get to see the show, but I'll bet it was just like Nashville Star, only with a bigger budget. I'll just have to watch it no-filler style on the DVR.

Have I mentioned that I hate Fox?

High Lord. Slayer of the White-Gloved Mouse. Out.


Anonymous said...

I hated the day change. Spent more time watching Biggest Loser Finale instead of Idol.

BeckEye said...

You didn't miss much. And I think they moved the day because So You Think You Can Dance premieres on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

The finale was moved so that it was still a part of May sweeps - which ended for prime time last night.