Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home improvement and then some

With 2 people to eliminate tonight, of course the show has to be an hour long. Back in the early days of the Wild Card rounds, they used to eliminate two people in half an hour. Why can't we go back to the good 'ole days?

In other news, Mrs. High Lord got a new sink. And then some. It started out with a visit to our neighbour's house. It seems that Carol got a new faucet with a Touch2O sensor on it so you don't need a handle or lever to turn it on.

That was all the talked about for weeks, so after I got back from Baltimore, I took her up to Lowe's and bought her one. When we went to install it, the bolts holding the old faucet in wouldn't budge, so we decided to take the old sink out and simply replace it. After all, I think it was original to the house, which would make it about 50 years old.

So I trucked back up to Lowe's and bought a new cast iron/porcelain sink to replace the old one. The only problem is that when we went to take the old supply lines off the piping under the countertops, they basically disintegrated. I consider myself a pretty handy guy, but there are three things I really don't like to work with: plumbing, gas and electricity. The first because there are so many things that can go wrong and the other two because you can die.

After watching my old fitting fall apart, I decided I was in over my head, so I went back up to Lowe's and got the installation deal. That was on Sunday. Today the guys came to install Mrs. High Lord's new sink and it's very nice. And cool. We've just been without running water in the kitchen since Sunday. I hope we never have to change out the sink again. Especially since the new cast iron sink weighs about 110 pounds.

In the midst of all the filler, we're actually getting some singing and some results. Scotty and Lauren are up first and they sing some Randy Travis, which is actually pretty good. Of course they're both safe.

After some obligatory product placement, Jacob and Naima take the stage singing Ashford & Simpson. Jacob is safe and Naima is in the bottom 3.

Okay, I can deal with an hour long results show if they replace the single crappy group sing with the Idols performing duets. Wait . . . wasn't this my idea, only to have them singing duets for votes? (The answer is "yes" by the way) I'll take an hour long results show if it features past Idols, even if I don't like them.

Fantasia is up next and I mute the TV. Diana or LaToya should have won!!!!!

I wonder if our old friend Jennifer is doing. She broke up with the show last year, but stopped by to leave a couple of comments, but I haven't heard from her this year. I certainly understand if she's moved on, but I miss her insight and commentary.

They must be running over time because Haley, Pia and Thia take the stage to sing Katy Perry as a trio. Note to Thia: Dresses that look they were made from stolen curtains are NEVER in fashion. Dresses that show off your boobs like Katy Perry wears are ALWAYS in style.

They get their results and only one of the three is going to be in the bottom 3 (because there are more people awaiting their results and that would be anti-climatic to send two of these three to the bottom 3). I'll bet it's Thia, since Pia has been pretty good and Haley got to go last yesterday . . . and I'm right.

Last night was a rough night for me. Usually I think there are only one or two performances that are awful, but there were a bunch I didn't like last night. I think part of the problem is that Elton John is a hard theme that doesn't translate well to other styles, in part because many of the songs that were picked are iconic and well-known, much like Queen songs. I also think that there are some singers this year whom I really dislike and that definitely colours my view of their performances. I try to be objective, but sometimes I just can't do it. This is my blog. So sue me.

The last four guys take the stage to sing "Band on the Run". Of the four, I think Stefano will be sent to the bottom 3 . . . and I'm wrong. It's Paul. Hmmmm . . . . things just got interesting.

So that leaves Naima, Thia and Paul who are up for elimination. I think it's going to be Naima and Thia. Seacrest only makes us sit through a little bit of contrived drama; maybe it was good that Jaime Foxx and were on to make the show run long.

And Paul is safe.

Naima's problem is that she is a little too quirky for the mainstream voters to rally to her. Thia's problem is that she never really developed a style (good or bad) and that she had an image problem coming out of the Hollywood rounds.

I'm sorry to see Naima get kicked off, but she wasn't going to win. I wish it had been Haley in her place. I am happy to see Thia get the boot.

So that makes me 1 of 2 from last night. And now the prospect of the save won't rear it's ugly head for the next four weeks.

I wonder what the theme will be for next Wednesday.

High Lord. Easily Lost. Out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Would you have saved Casey?

That's the question I've been pondering for the last week. Was he worth it? Does he have a legit chance to win?

Remember that other singers have been in danger or eliminated because of supporter apathy and not on the merits of their own singing. Was that the case with Casey? Or does he really lack in support?

The judges obviously like him. He's gotten a gazillion hours of face time. He started out the show with TCO written all over him. But if no one voting for him, why would they use the save to keep him. They didn't even have him sing the whole song.

But will this buy him a shot at the win? Or just a few more weeks? I think it's safe to say that his legion of powervoters will turn out in droves for the next couple of weeks, but can he snap up the blocs of the two people who get kicked off tomorrow night?

I guess we'll find out, but a part of me hates that Nigel kept the save. Shouldn't the most popular singers be kept around from week to week? Isn't that the point of the show? How would the save have affected past seasons? Would they have kept Jennifer Hudson around? Chris Daughtery was ineligible to be saved since he was voted off in the 4 spot. Who else should have been saved?

As the show starts, we find out that Elton John/Bernie Taupin is this week's theme, although he's not the mentor. I guess calling the voters "racist" after Jennifer Hudson was inexplicably eliminated back in season three in lieu of John Stevens or George Huff was a one way ticket out of town.

Singing in the Dead Man's Spot is Scotty who will somehow manage to countryfy en Elton John song. And sure enough he does. He sounds like George Strait and I think it's good that he's on Idol rather than Nashville Star, because he's going to reach a wider audience before he's unleashed on Music Row. I don't think he's ever going to outsell Carrie, but he should do very, very well, even if he doesn't win. Vocally, he's more of the same, but as Jimmy said, "He may be a one trick pony, but it's the best trick a 17 year old has done". Even going first won't hurt him this week. Simon would have hated him (because Simon despises country music), but Scotty is probably the most consistent performer of the season.

Last week, I mentioned that I've started two guilds for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The ones I named last week are gone. In their place are "The Army of Darthness" for the Sith guild and my Jedi guild is "Twelve Inches Unbuffed". Stop by and join us.

Next up is Naima, who I find terribly entertaining. I hope she outlasts Lauren and Haley, because those two annoy me. She goes reggae. I hope does some more African dancing. I could do without the poor impersonation of a Caribbean accent. Like Scotty, she is vocally consistent with past performances, but that only means she is below the median line in the field this year. I liked her take on the song, but it was a vocal mess. As someone who has faced elimination more than once, I'm not sure this was a good move for her. Going in the two-spot won't help her, either.

Why can't Jennifer stop talking once her time is up?

Paul needs to shave and has more product in his hair than the cheerleaders from my old high school. I guess there's a contest to wear the wackiest outfit this week. Or there's a contest to wear something that could be mistaken for my grandmother's couch. I don't care for the airy/nasal tone of Paul's voice, or his spastic dance moves, but surprisingly, this almost works for me. I just cringe at the thought of him winning and being "the" American Idol.

After a string of ballads, Pia brings us another ballad. I hate that she's going all AFE on us. Unless she goes big, she's just going to hear another round of "No more ballads!!!" Maybe Sir Elton himself will appear on stage halfway through and rescue her. Yes, she has a big voice. But she is beginning to sound the same week after week. And, I'm asleep. This is how it's done.

Will someone please give J-Lo some money, so she can buy the other half of that dress?

As someone who should have been kicked off last week, Stefano is singing the Tony Danza song. His eyes and demeanor remind me of Lee Dewyze (and that's not good). He seems nervous. I didn't care for the arrangement and his pacing around the stage just made him look amateurish.

Another OTP is up next. I don't think Lauren should have been advanced ahead of some of the other singers who didn't make it out of Hollywood. Her glamour shots make her look 16 going on 24, and that should make every man out there feel dirty. I don't think I would take on this song if I were Celine Dion. Lauren oversings in all the predictable places; was she even born when this song was first released? I didn't hate it as much as I expected I would. Her vocals were good, and her voice didn't annoy me as much as other people tonight. Here's how it's done.

T/AG annoys me personally. His singing is also in the bottom half of the vocal talent spectrum this season. I think he's trading on his sob story from the auditions and the bajillion votes 19E handed to him when they sent the cameras home to shoot footage of his kid. To his credit, it's not a ballad. He's manic on stage, which is what this song demands. It's much better than John Stevens's "Crocodile Rock". It still came off as cheezy. And I think he dropped a line at the begining. The scream at the end did it for me. I hope "America" sends him home tomorrow.

The judges also slurp him. If they need to do one thing this year, it's get mean when people deserve it. Some lawyer at Pepsi is drafting a lawsuit right now.

Mrs. High Lord's fave is Thia; this is one of the few instances where the two of us have diametrically-opposed views on a singer. This starts out flat in a bunch of places. I think Randy is going to unleash "pitchy" on us in his critique. I think it's her weakest performance of the season. Both in terms of tone and tempo, it seemed to be all over the place. The judges liked it, but I didn't.

In LOTRO news, I've got three toons at the level cap: a hunter, a minstrel and a captain. I've to a rune-keeper at level 38, a guardian at level 33 and a champion who is level 22. A buddy of mine advised me to start a couple of mule toons to store stuff, so I've got another RK and a warden who only exist to sell stuff at auction and hold things for my others. I used my final character slot to start up a burglar, who is only level 3 right now. I'll let you know how I like the other classes.

The recipient of last week's save is on stage next. Casey is also going the AFE route. You know, Elton had other songs than ballads. I think getting voted off last week has kind of made him gunshy. This seemed very safe, which is unlike him. I think this is the first week when I actively didn't like him.

I don't know what it is this week. Maybe Elton is a little to stylized for this crew. Maybe they need to start singing contemporary songs, not songs from the 70s. There have been lots of singers tonight that I haven't cared for.

Last week, Jacob was easily the best of the night. Did he wet himself when Mary J. showed up in the studio? It's not as good as last week, but he unleashes his pipes and this time, it comes off as being a little over the top. The oversinging and power note at the end made me not like him this week.

This means that Haley gets Pimped this week. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! If there is a singer I detest this season more than anyone else, it's Haley. She's faced elimination almost every week, so we can only hope that trend continues. I know there are people out there who lurve her, but I just don't get it. I think this is a performance that people will either really like or really hate. I fall into the latter category. She seemed more over the top than James usually is, but then again, Elton was always flamboyant that way, too. The Pimp Spot will work to her advantage this week.

Why did no one pick "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" or "Circle of Life"? I guess he'll have to sing them tomorrow when he's on. There were lots of very safe selections this week.

The Good
Scotty, "Country Comfort"

The Bad
Pia, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me"
Lauren, "Candle In the Wind"
Paul, "Rocket Man"
Naima, "I'm Still Standing"
Jacob, "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"

The Ugly
Casey, "Your Song"
James, "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"
Stefano, "Tiny Dancer"
Haley, "Benny and the Jets"
Thia, "Daniel"

Who should be in the bottom 3: Haley, Stefano, Thia
Who will be in the bottom 3: Haley, Naima, Stefano

Since the save was used last week, it means tomorrow night is a two-fer.

Who should go home: Thia and Haley
Who will go home: Naima and Stefano

I just don't think Naima has enough followers to hang on for very much longer. She didn't get as much face time as others who are still around, and her quirkyness works against her as much as it works for her. Stefano will also be on the the chopping block, but I think his fans may powervote after last week now that they know he can't be saved. If that's the case, I think Naima and Haley will get the axe.

High Lord. Lórien Lookout. Out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We need more Hulkmania on Idol

I'm not live-blogging the show tonight because I'm boycotting the hour long results shows that should only be 30 minutes . . . especially when they start running over time.

But I will say that we need more people on Idol punching Seacrest in the face like the Hulkster did tonight.

We also need Thia, Stefano and Haley in the bottom 3 more often. Or, at least until they're all gone.

Unfortunately, the bottom 3 is Thia, Stefano and Casey? WTF? What were you thinking, "America"? Why is Haley still around to plague us?

Oh, well . . . I guess this just goes to show you that the Dead Man's Spot can even strike on of Idol's golden children.

J-Hud takes the stage. I never realised how much taller than Seacrest she was. And, look! There's George Huff, sans the (formerly) omnipresent hat.

After just a little bit of drama (because they're starting to run late), Thia gets sent to safety meaning either Casey or Stefano is getting whacked. My guess is that Stefano will be the one missing the tour.

And . . . NO! Casey will be singing for the save. I'll bet they give it to him. Sure enough they do. Without even making him sing the whole song. But he makes the censor with the 10 second delay work overtime.

Note to everyone going on Idol next week and in the future: Don't go first.

That means that they can't save anyone else, and that Casey probably won't be leading off any more.

So with no one eliminated this week, that means two of them will be kicked off next off week.

Let's hope it's Thia and Haley.

High Lord. Spring-Flinger. Out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Motown night

Okay, who let the themes back in?

I thought we were done with the themes. We've done okay this year, but last week's songs were mostly 15-30 years old. Now we're going back to a era when most of the singers will be half as old as the songs they're singing.

Maybe 19E figures that since they've already paid a gazillion bucks for the rights to these songs, they may as well get their money's worth.

While we're wading through the filler, let me say that I've been a bad blogger this week because I forgot that the new season of DTWS started on Monday. Luckily, Mrs. High Lord caught it in the DVR and I watched it yesterday when I got home. It's surprising that the Karate Kid (and his combover) was the best of the night. I think he's getting hair advice from The Donald.

Drawing the Dead Man's Spot is fan-fave Casey singing the raisin song. He's been rather screechy in the past and vows in his intro piece to keep it under control. I'm just happy the Idol makeover people managed to attach him with a beard trimmer in his sleep. I give him a big aiiiiiight for this performance, but I think even going first won't endanger him. What's up with the string section on the judges's podium?

Mrs. High Lord likes Thia, even though I can't stand her. Mrs. High Lord likes that she's singing something up-tempo, which is always a plus. In parts the song is bigger than her voice, but she exceeds my expectations. She flubs the lyrics in a couple of places and that's always a bad sign. See rule #1A to the right. Vocally it was pretty good.

Jimmy says Jacob is the guy who the most natural fit for Motown. But it's not just because he's black. I think. Did they get new backup singers? Jacob does a good job in avoiding the oversing. He does a bad job in not coming off as really gay. But he has J-Lo dancing in her chair, which is a good sign. I like it a lot, even if he does all of the runs and stuff that I hate.

Lauren is up next and she's the person who is probably the least prepared for Motown week. She is one of the enigmas to me on the show this year. I don't know who her target audience is. I know she's this year's wide-eyed girl from a small country town, but beyond that, she's just another IBG. I associate this song with Kim Wilde. This is the first time I think she's done really well. In fact, it's almost as good as Jacob. I think she's benefiting from some early poor performances early, so now she appears to be improving, and voters like that.

Next up is Stefano and he's singing some Lionel Ritchie. I forsee a trainwreck. Plus, I hate this song. He puts me to sleep halfway through. He does oversing. Blech. Vocally, he's not awful, but compared to some of the others who have gone tonight, he clearly lost a step.

Of all the singers remaining, Mrs. High Lord and both want Haley to go. Given that she's made the bottom 3 every week, I think "America" believes that, too. At least it's straight-hair week on Idol. I think she's trading on her looks and short shorts, like another Haley of years past (Scarnato, for those of you keeping score). Her vocals also aren't awful, but they're not great either. At least it's not another ballad.

Scott claims to not be familiar with Motown, and I'm sure he'll come up with a way to countryfy it. Sure enough, the sounds like George Strait covering Stevie Wonder. I like Scotty, and I like that I already know how everything he's going to sing is going to sound. While that may get him eliminated in about the six or seven spot, it will definitely get him a contract in Nashville, and probably a more successful career than Josh Gracin and Phil Stacey.

So far, we've had two really good performances and five that were somewhere between meh and okay.

Pia is up next and Mrs. High Lord likes her, too. That's a good sign since I like watching the TV when she's on it. She goes the slow ballad route, which is a change-up from most of the rest of the field. Like Stefano, she leads me down the road to sleep. There's too much vibrato in her voice, which usually means the singer is nervous. It wasn't my favourite performance of hers.

A couple of years ago, Adam Lambert knocked "Tracks of My Tears" out of the park, and now Paul is trying his hand at it. I like the twins he's going singing backup for him. Paul takes his own take to the song, which is good since he's Adam and he's certainly not Smokey. I don't hate it, but I don't think it's great either. Plus, he flubs the lyrics.

One of my favourite singers of this year is Naima. I know she's not the greatest singer, but she's quirky and not as "corporate" as some of the others are. I like that you never know what she's going to do once she starts. Plus, she's got a couple of bigass drums on the stage with her. Like some of the others, she's not the greatest vocalist in the bunch, but at least she's a lot of fun, unlike say, Thia and Stefano. This was easily her best performance of the season.

All of this indicates that T/AG gets the Pimp Spot. He's also singing some Stevie Wonder. He's also okay, but not deserving of the prime placement. He give a high energy performance, but looks tight through the shoulders. Plus, he has to throw in an Adam Lambert wannabe shriek or three. Naima should have stabbed him so she was the final performance of the night.

The Good
Jacob, "You're All I Need to Get By"
Naima, "Dancing in the Street"
Lauren, "You Keep Me Hanging On"

The Bad
Casey, "Heard It Through the Grapevine"
James, "Living for the City"
Thia, "Heat Wave"
Pia, "All In Love is Fair"
Paul, "Tracks of My Tears"
Scotty, "For Once in My Life"

The Ugly
Haley, "You've really Got a Hold On Me"
Stefano, "Hello"

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Star Wars MMO coming out and I registered two guilds, one for the light side (Fisto of Fury) and one for the dark side (Ninja Assassin). Come join us.

As far as Motown nights go, this was the best we've had for a long, long time. I just wish that "America" will finally eliminate Haley tomorrow.

Usual faves Casey and Thia could find themselves in danger due to their early placement in the singing order.

Who should be in the bottom 3: Haley, Scotty, Stefano
Who will be in the bottom 3: Haley, Lauren, Stefano

Who should be eliminated: Haley
Who will be eliminated: Haley

I don't think Haley will survive a third trip to the bottom 3. I think she'll be going home. And if she's not, I'm going to throw something at Mrs. High Lord's new TV.

High Lord. Forge Breaker. Out.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Results, results, results . . .

I'm watching results, but not really paying attention since I'm protesting the hour long results shows. I only saw the last half of the show last night, but I really want Haley to be eliminated. Mrs. High Lord likes Thia. T/AG annoys me, too.

After last night, it's official: Pia is the hawtest finalist in the history of the show, just barely passing Kimberley Caldwell, who was followed very closely by Carrie and K-Mac. Here's someone else's list of the 10 hottest AI contestants so far.

I mute the group sing and Lee, whom I detest as the American Idol. I can't believe Crystal lost to him.

However, it makes me happy to know that Haley is in the bottom 3 so far tonight.

Scotty and Pia are both safe. I'm not sure how I feel about Scotty. I like him personally, but I just wonder if he's right for this show. Yes, he could be Carrie Underwood with a Y chromosome, but I think he needs to venture a little bit out of his comfort box, even if he stays in the country genre.

I like Naima, but she's in the bottom 3. Thia is safe, but she annoys me, too. Karen is in the bottom 3, which means our friend Beckeye picked it. Way to go, girl!

Then it's time for a random performer. The last time the BEP were on Idol, all I could do was stare at the crotch of Fergie's outfit. I wonder if tonight will be the same . . . she's in a skirt, so no. But her boobs are padded.

Why the eff aren't these shows 30 minutes long?

There's some fake drama as Naima is declared safe. It's interesting to see the body language among people facing elimination on this show. In years past, sometimes the singers hold each other for consolation or hold hands to show support for one another. This year, they're all standing separately.

Of course, it may be due to the fact that everyone detests Haley.

Karen is given the opportunity to save herself, but it doesn't go her way, and she leaves in tears. Damn, I wish the other person in the bottom 2 were going home.

High Lord. Supreme Master Weaponsmith. Out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sushi and more

So tonight a bunch of us from work went out for dinner at Ra Sushi. I generally like this place, even though our service tonight was absolutely awful. Is it really that much of a burden to split up a check even after you assure us at the beginning of the night that we can get separate bills? And then take 20 minutes to get our money? Do you just want a $3 tip from everyone?

Anyway, Ra is what I consider to be "Vegas style" which is where the food is really trendy, there isn't a lot of traditional sushi on the menu, all of the staff is hawt twentysomethings and there is always loud music playing.

Long story short: I missed the first 41 minutes of Idol and arrived just in time to hear Haley sing way out of tune. So instead of blogging the rest of the show, I'm just going to watch the rest of the singers and then go to bed. I will be on for the results show tomorrow night.

High Lord. Slayer of the Watcher. Out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First results

Okay, let me start by saying how ticked off I am that Nigel reneged on his promise that the results shows would all be half an hour. So I spent the first half of the show at dinner and watching the Big Bang Theory.

I tuned in and found out that Karen is in the bottom 3 and Lauren is announced as safe. I don't know who else is safe. Plus, I really don't care. I'm only half paying attention as it is.

Ashton and Haley get called up. I really hope Haley is sent to the stools . . . and they're both in danger.


Seacrest declares the rest safe, which is good news if you're name isn't Judd Harris.

I guess that means I tuned in at the right time.

There's some yapping and then Karen is declared safe and returned to the couches. Ashton is then put up for elimination, which means Haley is safe. Crap! Even her body language is arrogant.

Ashton sings and I'll be the judges don't use the save on her.

I think we're about five weeks away from this getting interesting. There are some good singers, but a lot of people in the middle and we're just waiting for the mid tier singers to be culled from the group.

Next week, I guess we're back to a dozen finalists.

High Lord. Enemy of Angmar. Out.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Okay, I'm finally watching the show at it's regularly scheduled time

Of course, I'm on the road without a DVR and on the world's crappiest flat panel TV.

I'm still undecided about how I feel about the top 13. But I am happy that the opening round of voting was cut down to one week. I am not happy about the gender equity thing being perpetuated and the fact that face time is still an issue.

We're on for thirteen singers in two hours. They still need to cut back on the filler and inane banter and concentrate on the singing. But the sway pit is gone and that is also good.

I thought we were done with themes . . . but tonight the songs are songs by their personal idol. WTF? Just sing.

First up is Lauren and she's singing Shania Twain. Duh. This could be bad. Plus she's going first. I thought Idol loved her. I hate this song. She is very twangy. It's not awful, but it's not great either. Of course, right now the name of the game isn't to be the best, just don't be the slowest antelope in the herd. You know when you say you "had a good time", even you know you were bad.

Next up is Casey and he thinks "A Little Help From My Friends" is a Joe Cocker song. You're smarter than that, Casey. I think he's got enough votes in the bag that he can screech his way through this song. It's not as good as he can be; I think he's sandbagging. The judges slurp him, but I think he was just being lazy.

Ashton is going third, and she's pretty good. She's been the best vocalist so far tonight, but she's still flat in spots. Her look is definitely channeling later Diana Ross, and that's not necessarily good (too much eyeliner). I was meh on her tonight.

Does Ryan Adams qualify as an "idol"? Really? Paul apparently things so. Bryan Adams, yes. Who the eff is Ryan Adams? He reminds me of that guy who shows up at college parties with a guitar just to pick up chicks. What, did someone else already pick John Mayer? Maybe he's playing the game and angling for chick votes. The sway pit was made for him.

The super-hawt Pia gets the random sit-down interview. I don't to hear her talking. Either stand there looking pretty, jump up and down, or (as a last resort) actually sing. She's taking on Celine, which is usually a mistake since she's not actually Celine. Pia sounds shouty in parts, but vocally it's not as bad as I expected. Jennifer is struck speechless, but it wasn't that good.

T/AG is going to take on Paul McCartney and I hope he doesn't think that he has to do Adam Lambert's annoying screech every week. I am not fan, and I think he has gotten this far based on his face time and not actual talent. Unfortunately, I see him advancing well into the top 10, perhaps as high as number six or seven. I don't think he's going to pick up many new voters, but I think the ones he's got will probably carry him far. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but that doesn't mean it was good.

Eschewing a commercial break (shocker!), Haley is taking on Leann Rimes covering Patsy Cline. Steven is in love with her; oh, how I can't wait to be a dirty old man (right now, I'm just a perv when I pull that same crap). Like James, I don't think she's as good as everyone else thinks. I remember her from the auditions and Hollywood as being loud, out of tune and not as deserving of her spot as others. She's not only way too twangy, but Haley doesn't come close to Leann, and is miles short of Patsy. Plus I hate this song.

I'm undecided on Jacob. He likes child pornography fan R. Kelly. Apparently he also likes Space Jam more than being Trapped in a Closet. I think this is the first time I have heard him really sing and I am less than impressed. I also have a problem with all the stuff he's doing with the song instead of just singing it.

Another girl cruising by on her face time is Thia who should have been jettisoned in Hollywood. I wish someone would step on her. She's singing Michael Jackson. Her vocals aren't bad and considering some of her competition, she actually does pretty well. Tonight, that's not a compliment, by the way.

Is it just me or is everyone tonight playing it safe?

Stefano has an annoying nasal tone; not Chris Richardson annoying, but annoying nonetheless. He shouts a lot. He also seems nervous. And he (unwisely) goes for a power note at the end that runs all over the place. Fail.

In a bit of sucking up to J-Lo, Karen picks Selena as her idol. She starts out rough, with several off-pitch notes. She resists the urge to oversing, at least until the end. I'm happy that she doesn't try to do too much and instead just stands there and sings. Jennifer leads off with "You look so beautiful", which would be the kiss of death under Paula, and J-Lo chides her a little bit about her notes.

If I had my DVR, I would FF through all the judges's (useless) comments.

I don't know if they want to make him this year's Carrie Underwood, but Scotty is going to try anyhow. Somehow, he manages to countryfy "The River" more than Garth did. I think he's actually a pretty good country vocalist. Maybe, he should be on Nashville Star and not Idol. I think if they went hardcore with the theme nights, he'd be gone after disco night. It's a predictable song choice, but it should get him lots of votes. On a night when everyone else has been just okay, Scotty lands as the best of the night (so far). I think as long as he doesn't have to go too far out of his box, he'll be okay. Plus, he got depicted favourably coming out of Hollywood, and that means that he's banking a bajillion votes going into the Top 4.

Naima got a second chance through the Wild Card and she's singing Rhianna. I like her because she seems like she wants to have fun and not just sing a song to avoid elimination. Note to everyone else: happy songs are better than power ballads and easy tunes that don't challenge you. It was vocally unremarkable, but I'm glad she's still around in an otherwise pretty vanilla slate of singer. Her post-song unintelligible rambling is almost enjoyable.

The Good
Scotty, "The River"
Naima, "Umbrella"

The Bad
Pia, "All By Myself"
Thia, "Smile"
Ashton, "When You Tell Me That You Love Me"
Paul, "Come Pick Me Up"
Casey, "A Little Help From My Friends"
James, "Maybe I'm a Man"
Karen, "I Could Fall in Love"
Lauren, "Any Man of Mine"
Jacob, "I Believe I Can Fly"

The Ugly
Stefano, "Lately"
Haley, "Blue"

Overall, I thought the show tonight was kind of meh. There were a lot of safe song selections. A lot of power ballads. It seems like a lot of them were just trying to to be voted off, not trying to win.

Maybe some of the front runners are sandbagging. Maybe they don't want to seem to implode right out of the gate.

Tomorrow, we're eliminating someone. I thought Nigel promised us that all the results shows were going to be half an hour. What the eff? Liar!

I may only be watching the last 10 minutes tomorrow's show.

Anyway, I'll be back then.

High Lord. Hunter of Dark Beasts. Out.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Slacking once again

Okay, I have to admit that I haven't watched Idol for the past two nights, so I what I know about the performance shows is only from what I've read. Tonight, the 24 singers are being cut down from 24 to 10 and then the judges will add an unspecified number of "wild cards" to the group for the finalists.

Of the 10 who will be advanced based on the choices of "America", there will be 5 guys and 5 girls. WTF? I thought we were done with the craptastic gender equity and were going with straight talent. I guess not.

I think it's a pretty safe bet that the "face time" singers will get advanced, some rightfully (Casey) and some not (Thia). That really only leaves about three spots up for grabs and everyone else will get CelenaRae'd. Of course, the nice thing is that the judges will actually get to exert some influence and not eliminate people from the opening voting round who probably deserved to stay.

After 27 minutes into the show, Scotty is safe. The dude with the ginormous nose and the drama queen with the suitcase fully of glasses uglier than Gokey's are not, but they might be brought back by the judges.

What the hell happened to the 30 minutes results shows we were promised by Nigel at the beginning of the year?

Lauren and the super-hawt Pia are also safe.

Damn, the red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory rocks!!

The filler is about to put me to sleep.

Quick LOTRO story: I started a hobbit guardian because my kinship needs tanks to hold aggro. In LOTRO, if you can make it to certain levels without being killed, you get special titles. The level 20 title is the last one and it's "The Undying". I was 10,000 XP short and trying my darndest not to get killed, when I was gang-assaulted by 4 orcs. I killed all four, but one of them poisoned me and I died. I almost deleted that toon to start over, I was so ticked off. Anyway, I'm over it now . . .

Jacob and Casey are also safe; the other guy is getting recycled.

Thia gets passed through (duh!). Two other girls are sent back to sweat.

EDIT: At this point, my father called, so I had to quit watching the show. Usually, people know not to call me on Idol night, but his birthday was earlier in the week, and when I called him, he was talking to my brother, so I just left a message because his line was busy for a long time (and I know that at my father's age, he needs like 14 hours of sleep per night).

So I had to find out who made it today.

It should surprise no one that the usual high face-time singers were advanced by "America". Scotty, this year's screecher T/AG, this year's screamer (and not in the good way) Haley, and Casey are people who you would expect to have been advanced thanks to the gazillions of votes that were handed to them early on.

Drama queen Clint was left without a chair when the music stopped; he had a look of disbelief that should have surprised no one (least of all him) based on the way he treated crowd fave Jacee in the group rounds. Kenny G was also sent packing, which kind of surprised me, but he was probably headed for a Lindsay Cardinale or Melissa McGee exit anyway.

One thing to notice: everyone this year is thin and pretty, even the wild cards. There are no K-Lo's or Taylor Hicks's this year. Hopefully, there are also no Sanjayas, either, although I see Haley imploding in the face of a Whitney Houston song and Thia pulling a Leah Labelle-level meltdown on stage.

Oh, we can only hope.

Anyway, sorry for the late post, but I promise that I'll tune in next week for the singing.

. . . unless one of my parents calls again.

High Lord. The Valiant. Out.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What I aspire to in life

As Charlie Sheen implodes (personally and professionally) before our very eyes, I'd like to take a moment to share with you what is my life's dream:

As for Sheen's reported hopes to buy a house and move in a bunch of porn stars, he said, "It was a temporary plan and it fell apart."

That is awesome.

I just stopped by to drop a quick note: today I'm going to be travelling on business and I will probably miss Idol, so there will be no live blog. Sorry, but my expense account calls.

Just a couple other tidbits:
  • I thought we were done with the gender equity thing.

  • It looks like they're cutting 12 people on Thursday.

  • Despite all the sympathetic face time, Jacee really didn't deserve to move on.

  • Daniel Larusso is going to be on Dancing With the Stars along with Lieutenant Saavik 1.0, Hines Ward, Master P's kid, and Hugh's other breat-implanted Girl Next Door. Was Ally Sheedy not available?

  • I hear there's a position coming open for miltiary dictator of an oil-rich north African nation opening up. I wonder if they could use a High Lord.

  • If Congress can't pass a budget (or at least another continuing resolution), I'm going to be stuck out of town with nothing to do but play LOTRO with no wife-aggro. I only hope they don't send us home.
That's it for me today. If I can, I'll blog the show tonight. If not, I'll catch ya'll tomorrow.

High Lord. Out.