Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Halloween Blog

Well, not really. But Halloween is coming up on Saturday along with the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means that for those of you who will be out late Saturday night, you get an extra hour before the bars close.

Each year, we've seen a steadily-decreasing number of kids in costume coming to our house. Of course, we're buying the same amount of candy and someone has to eat it . . .

Here are a few thoughts for this week:
  • I cannot fathom why Len doesn't like Mya and Dmitry. His comments are non-sensical. This week, he said he didn't like their intro. Yet he doesn't rip anyone else for the same thing. He's also gotten on Dmitry's choreography, but doesn't take it out on anyone else. What's up with Grumpy Len. I'd really like to see him gone from the show. He just seems too old.

  • This week's bottom 3 was Melissa, Louie and Michael. Melissa was (deservedly) whacked immediately, then Louis and Michael had their (pointless) dance-off. Did I hear that next week is another double elimination? If that's the case, why did they expand the field to 16 celebs?

    I'd rather have a season of single-eliminations than an expanded field with some two-fers thrown in. As it is, we're seeing too many people who have not shot at winning, only to hang on to false hopes for too long. Does anyone think Michael, Melissa or Louie ever had a legitimate shot at winning? The survivor of that troika was going to get eliminated next week anyway.

  • At this point there are two legitimate contenders: Donny and Mya. Aaron, Mark and Joanna have an outside shot at the finale, but they've been too uneven to win. Kelly and Michael are hanging by threads and are only still around because of fan voting.

    If I were a betting man (which I'm not), this is the order I think people will be voted off:

    Donny (winner)

    The further this thing goes on, the more important fan voting becomes and I think that's where Donny has a leg up on everyone else, even if others are better dancers. As long as Len is handicapping Mya by two points per show, she and Donny will be about even as far as judges's scores go and since the fan votes break all ties, he'll come out with the "much-coveted" Mirror Ball Trophy. If Len would get his head out of his bum, Mya would be the runaway favourite to win.

  • Was it just me or was the sound off for the whole show last night? They sounded like they were on speakerphone for the entire show. We even tried switching between the regular and HD channels, plus I went downstairs to watch for a few minutes on another TV and the sound was all jacked-up.

  • Taylor Swift is too skinny for her own good.

  • This week, I got victimised by Joe Flacco and Ray Rice. I have some combination of them in three leagues and in those leagues, I lost because those guys had a bye week.

  • I've been watching some of my BSG DVDs and the show still holds up. It was criminal that it never got nominated for any Emmys or Golden Globes.

  • I'm addicted to dried pineapple right now. Each week, I eat about two pounds of the stuff while sitting at my desk. I guess it's better than eating two pounds of chocolate, right?

  • My office could really use a nacho bar and slushie machine in the break room.

  • For the last week or so, my granddaughter has had a stomach bug that's caused her to puke late at night and spend all day passing gas and explosive poo. That is why I don't have kids.
Whatever you do for Halloween this year, have fun and be safe!

Next week: Michael Irvin gets canned. Derek Hough coaxes more out of Joanna than anyone else could. Donny and Future Mrs. High Lord 2.0 continue to shine. Len is still a jerk.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October updates

Yeah, I know I've been a bad blogger, but I'm on the verge of breaking up with DWTS because the season is just too darned long. If they'd cut the field back to ten dancers, I might come back full-on, but for now, I feel like we're moving apart from one another.

With 16 couples, there are just too many people to keep track of. Then when they pair some of the better pros with sub-par celebs (Cheryl/Tom and Maks/Debi), it seems like they just don't want me to tune in any more. It would help if they'd bring back the Future Mrs. High Lord instead of making me crown Kym Johnson as Future Mrs. High Lord 2.0.

In DWTS and some other news, here are some random thoughts:
  • DTWS is on at the same time as two of my other favourite shows: Monday Night Football (which has actually had some good games on) and The Big Bang Theory, which CBS moved to the 9:30 slot.

    I think this is a plot by the Eye; thinking that I'll watch their other lame shows by putting my favourite show on last. It used to be that I'd watch BBT then watch DTWS on the DVR after a half hour delay. Now I'm watching BBT on the DVR on Tuesdays. Take that, CBS!

  • Speaking of BBT, I'm not sure I like the Penny/Leonard hook-up. The unrequited love/sexual tension angle is gone, just like it was gone when Ross and Rachel hooked up at the end of season 2. Sheldon is still funny as hell. So was Wil Wheaton's guest appearance last night. My only complaint is that Sheldon (and his photographic memory) would have known if Wil's grandmother was still alive.

  • Even though Natalie is gone, I'm not sure she really had a chance to win. Yes, there are worse dancers still left (Louie, Michael) as well as some who are less consistent (Aaron, Melissa). Yet the fact of the matter is that the people who really had a chance to win at the beginning of the season (Donny, Mya) while the people who have an outside chance (Mark, Joanna) are still there, plus a hanger-on (Kelly).

  • Speaking of Mya, does anyone know why Len doesn't like her? Or does he not like Dmitry?

  • This past week, I was victimised by Tom Brady and/or Randy Moss in three fantasy leagues. My teams suck.

  • We really need to get rid of Samantha Harris. Bring back Drew Lachey! Please!!!!

  • Have I mentioned that Mrs. High Lord's new TV is fan-freaking-tastic.

  • Is there any team more dominant in any sport than Hendrick Motorsports's #48 team? (The answer is "no", by the way) They're about to win their fourth consecutive championship and everyone around them has basically given up.

  • My Jaguars needed overtime to get by the lowely St. Louis Rams.

  • I hate the cold.

  • The only thing missing from my new mancave is a fridge and posters of beer girls on the walls.

  • I'm really looking forward to "V" on ABC. I wonder how long it take ABC to move the series to Friday and kill it.

  • I need a new computer. I've burned up two in the last six months and I'd like a new box for when the Star Wars MMO is released sometime next year. Right now, the one I built for myself runs about $1,400 with no operating system. I guess I'll be going back to Baltimore on TDY to make some money.

  • The people who hit the panic button in Tallahassee need to calm down. Yes, Bobby Bowden isn't bringing in the kind of success you got used to in the 90s. but don't forget that when he arrived, the Noles were 3-27 in the three previous seasons and there was talk of dismantling the program. He's earned the right to retire whenever he wants, dadgummit.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Placeholder Post

Howdy, everyone. Well, all five of you who read the blog when it's not Idol season.

DWTS starts here in about six minutes and I've decided that I'm going to skip the live-blogging for the next couple of weeks. Until the cast is whittled down to a manageable size, I'm going to record the show on the DVR and then watch it no-filler the next day.

I just can't handle investing my time and energy in a bunch of celebs who have no chance at winning just so ABC can rake in some more advertising dollars.

Plus I want to watch the Packers/Vikings game on MNF and The Big Bang Theory at 9:30.

So check back with me tomorrow night and I'll have some thoughts on DWTS, my five fantasy football teams and the Battlestar Galactica "complete series" boxed set I just got.