Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The second most important person in the Idolverse is leaving

Howdy, all. Sorry I've been such a bad blogger this summer, but something has finally roused me from my blogging summer:

Paula announced she is not returning to Idol.

While some people think this is a negotiating tactic, it seems to me that she's burning her bridges by making this announcement publicly. We'll see how this plays out, but if she's gone, the most underrated aspect of the show goes with her.

I've said before that if one of the four judges got their seat taken it should be either Kara or Randy. Both fill essentially the same position on the panel, and neither has much contructive to say.

It is widely accepted that Simon is the most indespensible person on the show. While I agree with that, I think Paula is very close. Sure she's a human train wreck with breasts, but Idol needs someone who is on the side of the singers, no matter how poorly they have performed, if only to balance out Simon's nasty, snarky side.

Having a "cheerleader" both in the literal and figurative sense keeps the show upbeat in a way that Simon, Randy and Kara will not be able to manage. I think Paula is rightfully put off by the big bucks 19E has thrown at both Simon at Seacrest. While I think Simon deserves the bucks, Seacrest does not. I do not understand how he's worth $15 million a year; Idol is not about him, but somehow he thinks it is.

I'll have more thoughts on this as the story plays out. Who knows, maybe she will be back (with a big pay raise).

If not, the first American Idol broadcast without Paula Abdul will be the "jump the shark" moment.