Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Gingerbread motherboard

You really have to be a computer geek to appreciated this picture, but it's terribly funny. Some people make gingerbread houses in the holidays, some people make gingerbread motherboards.

Gingerbread Mobo

Monday, December 27, 2004

Sad-sack Jaguars

I didn't get to see the game or watch any highlights, but from what I read, it looks like the Jaguars just didn't want to go to the playoff this year. Going into week 16, they were the one 8-6 AFC team that controlled their own playoff destiny, and they laid an egg when it was time to perform. Now they need (a lot of) help to make the wild card round.

It also looks like the Vikings are going to back into the playoffs. It does make you wonder how many times a team can implode in December before the owner decides to blow the whole thing up and start over.

The Bills are also streaking, but they need help to make the playoffs. I like how they and the Panthers haven't given up despite slow starts.

All of the American Idol 4 commercials are starting to grate on my nerves. I'm waiting with baited breath like the rest of America, but FOX is driving it into the ground. I just hope they find a way to fix the voting to avoid a repeat of the fiascos from last year that involved John, Jon Peter, and LaToya.

Monday, December 13, 2004

How 'bout them Panthers

I usually think of he Carolina Panthers as a team I'm supposed to dislike. After all, the came into the league at the same time as my Jaguars, the folks in Jacksonville always try to portray the two teams as rivals. That's not always the case since the two teams play in different conferences, but for me there is always a little bit of competitive disdain for the team in Charlotte.

Still, after starting the year 1-7, thanks to injuries to Stephen Davis, DeShaun Foster and Steve Smith, the Panthers have bounced back and are right in the thick of the NFC playoff hunt. I'm not saying that they're going to go to the Super Bowl or even get deep into the playoffs, but you've got to like how hard they're playing right now and it's a testament to their coach John Fox and his ability to get guys to play even when it looks like their season blew up on them three weeks into the year.

I also saw that Chris Chandler threw 6 INTs, a record for a Rams QB, which is quite a feat considering how carless Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger have been with the ball at times.

I still hate the BCS and think it should be replaced with a playoff. After all, if it works for Division I-AA, Division II and Division III, why not for the big boys? (Money)

One of the things I'm hearing more often this year than in the past is announcers using the phrase "at the wide receiver position" or "at the quarterback position". I think this is horribly annoying. It may just be me, but I wish play by play guys and the folks on the pre-game shows would stop using this phrase.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Clay Aiken on TV

I watched the Clay Aiken Christmas special on NBC last night featuring Barry Manilow and Megan Mullaly. It was okay. I was reminded of two things:

First, what a strong voice Clay has. His wiry frame disguises quite a powerful set of pipes.

Second, how limited his range is. A lot of Clay's songs sound the same. Bouyed by the power of his voice, he really has only one act, much like (as much as I hate to say it) John Stevens, only Clay is far more mature and he has more depth.

One thing about Clay though, is that he was the one contestant who took criticism and actively tried to use that criticism to make himself better. John did the same thing, but he just doesn't have the sheer talent Clay does. Then you take a guy like Josh Gracin who whithered under the criticism and was only kept around because jarheads kept voting for him.

It is kind of a shame that Clay won't be on the American Idol Christmas special with the rest of them.

I'd also like to thank the girls over at Idolrant for alerting me to the fact that Lisa Leuschner has her own album now. I liked Lisa and thought she got the shaft when the Simon, Randy and Paula didn't let her sing in the Wild Card round last year. She would have easily outlasted Camile, Leah, Matt, John and Jon Peter. You can visit a Lisa Leuschner fansite if you'd like to hear more from her.

I also tried to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special this year, but the local ABC affiliate was down so I missed it. I guess I'll have to pick it up on DVD.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A worthy lottery winner

The Powerball lottery jackpot is up to $171 or so million. Have you bought your ticket yet?

In related news, I found this article about a woman in California who won that state's $27 million jackpot.

Somehow I don't think she'll be as disgraceful a winner as Jack Whittaker.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Some football thoughts

  • I watched Jacksonville's playoff chances disappear last night. The Steelers were lucky to escape Alltell Stadium with the W. Josh Scobee missed two FGs; one a 60 yarder that he really shouldn't have made and the other a 30-something yard chip shot. The Jags are a lot better than they were last year, but they playing it too close to the line and not closing anyone out.

  • I think Peyton Manning just threw another TD.

  • How 'bout those Bucs? Shutting down Michael Vick is quite an accomplishment.

  • The best teams in the league are New England and Philadelphia. The Steelers are hanging on, but if not for a couple of close calls they could be 9-3 instead of 11-1.

  • The 49ers are simply awful. I hope the league forces John York to sell the team before he ruins them completely. They can't don anything about Al Davis, but between the two of them, the only good football in the Bay area is the Bears. At least the Dolphins play hard when the loose.

  • The BCS managed to screw up again. When are they going to go to a playoff? It's not a football playoff doesn't work for Division I-AA, Division II and Division III. I think I may boycott the BCS until they scrap the whole damn thing and do it right.