Friday, April 30, 2004

First of all, I'd like to thank some people here at Blogger for introducing me to the site. If not for them and my employer who pays me to sit around a lot, I wouldn't have started this thing up.

If you are an American Idol fan (or even if you're not), go checkout their blog American Idol Rant. They're two sisters who post about everyone's favourite guilty pleasure, American Idol.

I was driving to work listening to NPR and realised that today is Bob Edwards's last day as the host for Morning Edition. Growing up, I never cared for NPR, mostly because it was talking-not music-and well, because dad liked it. You know you're grown up when you voluntarily set the radio to NPR and your kids complain about it. Bob isn't leaving NPR, but he's not going to host Morning Edition anymore. Happy trails, Bob.

We watched Iron Chef America last weekend. I have to say, I liked it a lot. It seemed very much like a series of pilot episodes, but with a little tweaking, it could be good. I was on the Iron Chef message boards and a lot of posters think the show was rigged. OF COURSE IT WAS RIGGED!!!!!

Iron Chef is the Food Network equivalent of WWE ("Get the F Out!"). The Iron Chefs are supposed to win. The Japanese Iron Chefs almost always won (75%+ winning percentage), so it's no surprise the American Iron Chefs went 3-0. The show is enjoyable, if a little less campy than Iron Chef (Japan). I think the biggest thing I miss is the dubbed voices scoring high points on the Unintentional Comedy Scale. I hope they make it a regular show.

To get back to American Idol, thank God John Stevens is gone. I like the guy; he seems like a good kid, he's never complained about being torn apart in the press, and he's doing much, much better than I would be if I were in that competition. Still, after the semi-finals, he was bad, and not just change-the-channel bad, but please-God-I-promise-I-will-never-drink-again-if-you-just-make-the-awful-noise-go-away bad.

Let's face it, John is way too young to be competing in American Idol. Most 16 year-olds don't have what it takes to compete against folks half again their age (LaToya is 24), so it's no surprise that Camile, Jasmine, Leah and John struggled. Diana, who is also 16, has the advantage of being a teen beauty pagent girl, so I don't think she is as dazzled by the bright lights and large studio audiences that accompany American Idol.

I think LaToya is going to win it all this year. She's got the most poise and strongest voice of the contestants, and she's been the most consistent. The only thing that could stop her is Diana's legion of powervoters. I like George and I like Jasmine, but I think they're the next two who are going home.

George's last good performance was on Elton John night. Since then he picked a horrible song on movie night, then was slapped with two theme nights he struggled with, Barry Manilow and Gloria Estefan. Granted that other people faltered as well, but George is getting by on past performances and his likeablility rather than by doing well. Unless he steps it up big time next week, he'll get the boot next.

Jasmine has been coming on strong lately and does a good job of covering her vocal deficiencies with good strong choices. Jasmine is good, but has survived this far by being better then the worst performer, but not standing out. It's the "you don't have to be the fastest antelope in the herd, just don't be the slowest" maxim.

I think it to be terribly ironic that next week is big band night the week after John Stevens, on the one chance he could actually kick everyone's butt at the theme, gets kicked off.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Well, folks, this is my first blog post. I hope to be updating this regularly, so we'll see how it goes.